Autumn and Indigo

Fisherman Rib Knit Hat

patternsclaire borchardt

Brioche knitting. Sounds scary, right? Well, it's really not. While the stitches are a bit more complex, there's an easy way to get the swing of things, and it doesn't require much. There's no need to dive in knee-deep thinking you have to change out colors or figure out the knitty (get it?) gritty of how you can get two contrasting colors with your stitches - you can simply start with a single color and start with the basics. There's only 2 simple stitches you'll need to know to make your first brioche knit item (I have simple patterns for both a hat and a scarf), which are k1b (knit one below) and p1b (purl one below). It's REALLY not hard or scary, so go ahead and grab a pattern and make something new (and simply exquisite) for yourself or a friend!