Big Changes

As some of you already know, things will be changing around these parts! These are big changes, exciting and scary at the same time, but I hope that you enjoy what's to come!

Autumn and Indigo Fibers is transitioning over to machine dyed yarns. There are a lot of benefits that come with this change: larger dye lots; ideal for those with size inclusion in mind, less variegation, and best of all, more time for me to spend with my kids. 90% of my day is spent in the basement, dyeing yarn for the shop, and with the kids getting older, I feel it's important to spend more time with them if I can find the means to do so. On a side note Covid has derailed schedules and who knows what the fall will bring regarding school - so the timing couldn't really be more perfect. 

About the yarn: The yarn and the colorways will still be what you know! Nothing will change except for the dye quality - which will be more uniform, and in my opinion, better. I will continue to order the same bases I always have, they will just take a detour to a dyehouse in PA for a nice coating of color, before heading across the country to me. I will continue to dye Suri Silk and Lace Mohair myself - which will become limited to monthly restocks, as well as special projects such as sock sets and Advent Calendars.

I know this could come as a disappointment to some of you, who love the nature hand-dyed yarn. There are special oddities that come with them, and I know a lot of those are cherished and add to the definition of truly handmade. If this news isn't great news to you, I am sorry! This wasn't a light decision to be made, but with much discussion, we feel this is the best fit for myself, the long term future of the business, and most of all, my family. 

The first machine dyed update launched Friday June 26th, 2020 including:

Classic Sock, Classic DK, and Classic Worsted in the colorways:

- Old World

- Rosewood

- Moss

- Blue Ridge

- Storm

Coming soon (also on Classic Sock, Classic DK, and Classic Worsted)


- Cane

- Fog

- Grenada 

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