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Posted by Claire Borchardt on

Today's the day! Our first sweater design is finally live! This one has been a long time coming and after scouring my resources, purchasing classes, and finding some very festive vocabulary, with the help of my test knitters, Redspire is finally live on both Ravelry & here on the site.

The inspiration behind Redspire was the need for more options in the sport weight department. They seem to be pretty far and few between when it comes to garments, and if I did happen to find one I liked, 8 times out of 10, it was knit from the bottom up, or it's seamed. While some knitters love these methods of knitting, they're not for me.

Here are the perks I happened to land on:

- Top down in the round, completely 100% seamless.

- With that said, you can try on your sweater and do a fit check. So much harder to do when you're knitting from the bottom up.

- Did I mention sport weight? Here's what I love about the weight. 

- It works up a bit faster than fingering weight. I love a good fingering weight sweater, but sometimes they just seem to drag. on. forever. At a looser gauge and larger needle, sport weight fixes that. 

- Warmer than fingering, but not as bulky as DK or worsted! Often times I find it's difficult to wear my layers when wearing a worsted weight sweater. I have a few that I LOVE, but I cannot wear my winter jacket over them. A lighter weight yarn (i.e less bulky) fixes that! 


So here we are, with a circular yoke pullover featuring a simple yet elegant lace motif across the bust, and I'm not mad about it. Also, if you're wanting to try a non-superwash yarn and don't know where to start - our Local bases are legit next to the skin soft. No itchies here, and the yarn is particularly hard to felt. I'm not saying you shouldn't be mindful, but when it comes to non-superwash fibers, this one can withstand a little bit of a beating.

I hope you enjoy the design and think about making your own! 


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