Autumn and Indigo


Frequently Asked Questions



Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! Please use the wholesale link at the bottom of my page to contact me for any wholesale inquiries. 

May I resell the finished items made from your patterns?

Yes, in small quantities. I know most, if not all, of the actual patterns state that they are for personal use only, but you may resell the finished product/item made from my patterns - again, in small quantities. I do ask that credit be given to my shop or Autumn and Indigo for the product design. The actual pattern may not be shared, altered, or sold in any way.

Can you make me a physical item from one of your patterns?

Absolutely! Please contact me for pricing and more info.

I'm having trouble with one of your patterns. Can you help?

Not a problem at all! Please feel free to contact me regarding any issues you may have while working up a pattern. You may contact me here on Etsy, or directly at

My yarn bled a little during it's first wash. What do I do?

All yarn may bleed a little during their first few washes. Recommended care is hand-washing your yarn or completed item in lukewarm water with a mild wool soap. During the dyeing process, all yarn is dyed with color fast and permanent dye, then rinsed until the water runs clear. Bleeding may happen during the first few washes - especially blues, purples, and fuchsias. If for any reason your yarn bleeds while knitting/crocheting with it, or  you believe the color bleed is far more than it should be, please contact me right away so we can take care of the issue.

Do you make custom dye lots?

At this point in time I am not able to offer custom dye lots. I will have weekly updates with new and permanent colorways.

I don't have a yarn winder, can you cake my yarn for me?

Sure! Just leave a note during checkout, or email me letting me know you'd like your yarn caked prior to shipment.