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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately I only see the same tracking information that is given to you, and once it's shipped out, it's truly 100% out of my hands. I recommend:

Double checking the shipping address you used on your orderChecking with house members and neighborsAsk your local carrier and/or check with your local mailing branch. USPS can give you GPS coordinates of where it was delivered. As long as your carrier was doing their job, the information should be accurate and will tell you where it was delivered. If that is not successful, you can file a lost mail claim with USPS who can further investigate what happened to your parcel. Please note I will not replace stolen packages. Unfortunately porch piracy is a true growing crime, it is your job as a buyer to provide a safe place to receive your mail, be it a PO Box, or getting mail sent your work address. Failing all of the above, please feel free to reach out, but know my options are limited once parcels are dropped off or picked up. Usually the best thing is to wait a week or so to see if it surfaces, which in most cases, it will! 

Yes! Our fibers are ethically sourced from farms both large and small in North and South America.

All yarn may bleed a little during their first few washes. Recommended care is hand-washing your yarn or completed item in lukewarm water with a mild wool soap. During the dyeing process, all yarn is dyed with color fast and permanent dye, then rinsed until the water runs clear. Bleeding may happen during the first few washes - especially blues, purples, and fuchsias. If for any reason your yarn bleeds while knitting/crocheting with it, or  you believe the color bleed is far more than it should be, please contact me right away so we can take care of the issue.

Not a problem at all! Please feel free to contact me regarding any issues you may have while working up a pattern. You may contact me directly at

At this time, we do not offer yarn caking services.