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Independent Designers

We love working with independent designers! We welcome designers of all backgrounds, including BIPOC and members of marginalized groups, and we expect our partners and collaborators to do the same. This includes sizing, which should include a minimal bust range of 30-64". Talent of all ranges are encouraged to apply for yarn support and/or design submission.


We collaborate with independent designers in two ways:

Yarn Support for independent designers who wish to self publish their own designs.

We are happy to offer yarn support to designers wishing to use our yarn for their designs!

Please submit a proposal including:

- Your proposed design - including a sketch, swatch, etc

- Estimated yardage needed for the sample size you will be making

- Your publishing timeline

- Any other information you think might be helpful to share (i.e, will this design be submitted for publication with another company?)

 * Please note we have limited slots for full yarn support per quarter.

Interested in yarn support opportunities?

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Contracted submissions to be published in our Autumn and Indigo collections.

Submission calls for designs will open several times a year. There we will include the work of independent designers in collections to be released - usually seasonal, or featuring a specific yarn base. Designs will be chosen based on how well they fit into the concept, with an aim to balance background, talent, and technique.

- Your proposed design, including a sketch, swatch, etc. Swatch does not have to be in Autumn and Indigo yarn, but please make mention of what yarn you envision in the final product.

- Design description. This includes information about your design, construction details, techniques used, etc. Other things to include in your description:
Intended ease and fit of finished garment
Intended yarn & color(s)

- Designer information:
Full name
Email address
Short Bio (3-5 sentences)
Personal Web page and/or Ravelry username
Social Media sources & respective handles

Other Notes

Exclusive rights will be given to Autumn and Indigo for the first 6 months, with rights reverted back to the original designer 6 months after the pattern release.

Designer will be responsible for pattern, grading, test knitting, and sample, while Autumn and Indigo will be responsible for tech editing, photography, pattern layout, and yarn. Designers will have the ability to use our photography and pattern layouts for their own use after the rights are reverted if desired. Samples will be mailed to Autumn and Indigo for a period of time for photographs and promotional purposes, then returned back to the designer after pattern launch.