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Test Knitting Opportunities

As my designs expand, I am always in the need for test knitters. All skill levels are welcome, though most of my designs lean between easy and intermediate. Having experience knitting socks, sweaters, and having a general idea about construction and basic knitting terminology is desired. Just a heads up, I enjoy lace and cables.


- The ability to commit to the test knit and have the project complete, with notes, due by the deadline. I 110% understand life throws curveballs, so if life happens, please just reach out and let me know. 

- I need keen eyes for grammatical errors! This is a big deal for me in the final presentation of a pattern.

- Being a Ravelry member helps tremendously. While I know this isn't ideal for everyone, this is the best method I've found for communicating with everyone at the same time. I'm able to sticky notes, corrections, and changes, so everyone can see them in the same place. Emails are SO easy to get mixed up, especially when they're coming in from multiple places.

- Yarn choices: You are NEVER required to use my yarn, though it helps to see projects in other colors. It also supports my business and my family. I usually mention in the testing thread that substitutes are more than welcome as long as you can get gauge, but I always offer a good discount to those who would like to use my yarn, usually between 20-25% off retail price.

- Compensation: All testers receive a final copy of the pattern they tested as well as any other self published pattern from my library.


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