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Mixed Boxes. Completely different than the mixed bags you're used to! 

These boxes are a hodgepodge of loose ends that accumulate around the studio. Bits that were wound for swatches, skeins that were caked then never used (yes, there are FULL skeins in these!), and hefty remnants of samples knit. 

These are a scrappers dream - or if you're lucky and get a full skein, you can absolutely knit a hat, pair of mitts, or something else desirable, but I really see these being used for scrappy projects or weaving.

Bases and colors will vary. These are already boxed up and ready to go - so your guess to the surprise is as good as mine. Unfortunately there will not be an option to choose color palettes with these - sorry!

Each box weighs approximately 1lb - that's about 4.5 full 100g skeins worth!

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