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Sock Club Subscription

Sock Club Subscription

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Yarn Eco Sock

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Socks - we all love them! They range from fun and quirky, to subtle and low key. You can mix and match them, wear them with sandals, or use them as a warm accessory for your feet. 

Knitting them brings so much joy. They're super portable, quick, and made in a myriad of ways so they never get boring. Let's spice up that sock drawer!

Introducing Autumn and Indigo's Monthly Sock Club. Each month you'll receive 100-120g (either 1 full size 100/115g skein, or full size & a mini 20g skein) in a never seen before color. These colors are special to the Club Members.

NEXT SHIPMENT: November 23rd for the month of December

Base options are:

  • Merino Mohair | Fingering weight || 55% sw merino, 25% nylon, 20% mohair / 438 yds / 100g - Durable and Warm. Superwash treatment offers slightly more color saturation. 
  • Eco Sock | Fingering weight || 80% organic NON sw merino, 20% GSR recycled nylon / 410 yds / 115g - 3 ply. Organic and eco friendly. Most like a traditional sock base. Non-sw offers slightly less color saturation.

Subscription options: **Subscriptions will be go out around the 23rd of each month**

  • Recurring monthly | recurring payment, receive one club package a month, cancel at any time
  • Quarterly | pre-pay for 3 months, receive one club package a month for 3 months + a 5% discount

Colors will be based seasonally. If you know my work, I lean more towards earthy, low key colors, and that will be the same for the Sock Club. No need to worry about off the wall neon colors here - there are plenty of amazing artists who offer those!

As a general consensus, we'll keep the colors as follows:

December, January, February:

Cool & Deep || deep blues, rich greens, and teals

March, April, May: 

Warm & Light || airy pinks, yellows, greens

June, July, August:

Cool & Light || sage greens, green-blues, cool pinks

September, October, November:

Warm & Deep || burnt oranges, reds, and purples


Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry.